How to pack like a pro in the Post COVID 19 Era

We know while packing for a Roadtrip or a backpacking trip everything “Sparks Joy”, but you need not carry everything. To really experience your time on the road you must follow essentialism. You don’t want your luggage to hold you back from climbing to that beautiful cliff that was not in your list of places to go. The less you carry the more open you are to experience the unpredictable plans and destinations that you discover during your journey. 

Last-minute packing, however cool that might sound, can really make or break your trip experience. Usually, backpacking and off-roading trips need much more planning than an exotic holiday to Europe. Some essentials if packed and kept ready for any SOS situation can actually be life-saving on the road.

Always carry a small sling bag that is expandable along with your rucksack. It helps you carry small things that you need constantly and the things you need to keep close.

Packing backpack after corona virus

List of things to carry in this bag

  • Hanging sanitizer bottle stuck outside the sling
  • loose cash in one compartment
  • Use the wallet to keep all the ID's and medical emergency papers. (If you keep both in a wallet, you take it out every time you need cash and increases your chances to lose both in case you leave it somewhere)
  • Paper soap for quick washing hands before any meal. You don’t wanna be touching the remains of what once was a soap.
  • A trail mix rich of super seeds and nuts. You need to keep the energy up till you find the next Dhaba.
  • Phone safely kept in a pocket that is quickly accessible
  • And anything and everything else you have in your pockets.

Choose a sling that is waterproof if not just carry a polybag in case of heavy rains.

So how do you really plan your packing? The mantra here is the good old list of things you need. So as to make sure you do not miss anything, start by listing all the places you plan to go to on your trip. That will highlight any special equipment or gadgets you need. The devil is in the details here. Tiny and small things are more prone to be left behind.

  1. Make an Extensive list of all you need on the trip.

  2. Create Categories. On the basis of similarity and use case

  3. 6X6 Rule - Anything smaller than 6 X 6 inch should be clubbed together with other similar articles and put in a case/ bag/ pouch.

  4. Sorting by Frequency - By now you have all things in there relevant categories and groups. Now Put all the groups in the sequence of Least Used to Most used. For example, clothing changes and toiletry pouch is required only one in a day that too when you are in a hotel. So both of them are towards least used. At the same time as we carry multiple gadgets and each of them come with different charger and accessories. So that makes it towards the Most Frequently used.

  5. Select the compartments in your bag according to the frequency and organize the things accordingly.

  6. These things do not come in any of the above categories, as their use cant be predicted but they need to be in the most accessible place. The below mentioned article’s reference such things

    Medical emergency kit/Rain protection kit backpack rain cover coat/ over-trousers / shoe covers 

Miscellaneous Tips

  • If you are with a group of friends and keeping track of expenses become a problem. Use money management apps like Splitwise.

  • Keep the Disinfectant Spray in the outermost pocket for quick access.

  • Instead of carrying two different products as Body wash and shampoo carry products that can serve both the purpose.

  • Bunch up clothing into sets of Top and bottom wear, intimate wear, socks, etc. Roll them up and secure with one sock. One roll per day.