The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods
The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack - RoadGods

The COVID Cape - Virus Shield and Rain Cover of Backpack

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The COVID Cape - Shield your backpack from the Virus 

Coronavirus can live on fabric materials for as long as 12-15 hours.

Your backpack is prone to touches and contamination from public spaces while commuting. It can become a carrier of the virus as you commute back home.

Sanitizing and washing your entire backpack regularly after a public commute is not practically possible. 

Introducing the Gods COVID cape. A shield against our common enemy.

A reusable protective cover for your backpack which prevents contamination on it, as you set out on a public commute. It can be easily sanitized and taken off after a public commute and reused. It’s like a mask for your backpack.

Compatible with up to 35-liter backpacks

The cape is uniquely designed to cover your backpack completely and its unique attachment does not allow the wind to slide it off even while you are riding.

The cape is made of fully waterproof material and also provides protection against rain and you can also use it as a rain-cover.

It's engineered with a dual-coated non-porous material and a no-stitch design to prevent the virus or any fluids to pass through the material. Use the COVID Cape to prevent contamination and protect your home and your loved ones.

How to use : 

  • Cover your backpack entirely with the Gods COVID cape. 
  • Secure the attachments as per the instructions.
  • After a public commute, apply your sanitizer on its outer surface to sanitize it. 
  • Take it off and use your backpack contents
  • You can also wash the Cape once you get back home.


1. Secure the top velcro loops at both the shoulder straps, over the handle.


2. Pull the opposite end of the CAPE covering the entire front, bottom, and some part of the back. Adjust and fit the CAPE horizontally, covering both the sides and some adjacent the part of the back.



3. Secure the buckle at back.  



  • Laminated and Dual Coated material for protection and strength.
  • No Stitch Design to not have any pores that are created in the process of stitching.
  • Non-Porous Material to prevent any contaminant penetration.
  • Universal Fit with an elasticated edge gives a snug fit around a backpack of many sizes and shapes. COVID cape can fit the range of 20 ltr to 35 ltr bags. 

Sterilization and Washing

  • Apply or Spray a 70% alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Wash with water with soap. As it is a waterproof material, it dries quickly.

Precautions in Handling 

  • Wash your hands before and after installing and removing the product 
  • Wash or sterilize after every use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Best bag j have ever seen in ny carrier

Thanks gods for providing this stuff to me its a buetifull bagaage for me

A decent and a premium product

Bought this rain along with my ghost xator series bag. A premium cover for your ghost bag. Also having a buckle which increase the security of bag.



A perfect backpack for outing or work.

Spacious, strong & stylish.

Superb quality

Best product value for money

Best backpack ever

This is my 2nd purchase from roadgods, the build quality , design and overall finish of the product is very good, I have a ghost and now I am a proud owner of a xator, definitely worth the price and best option among the alternatives available in the market.. I am proud to be associated with road gods...cheers.

Awesome bag

The bag is perfect for everything and your day to day needs


I really loved the bag & its very stylish. Its very sturdy & awesome. Far better than those cheap quality costly bags that come with branded laptops.

Will purchase new products from gods when available. You should also launch mobile covers for high end phones like the us brand poetic does. You can check their website and u'll know.