Gods Triton X1 - 75Ltr Saddlebag with Capsule Rain Cover

Gods Triton X1 - 75Ltr Saddlebag with Capsule Rain Cover

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The Triton X .
Disruption is here .
The Triton S series was a huge success . It redefined the standards of Moto Luggage and exceeded the expectations of our users . It was such a success that it was eventually acquired by Royal Enfield for their own product lineup.
We are highly grateful for the immense love shown by the riders. This is what drives us forward.
We regret having kept a long-long list of riders waiting for their Triton, after it was discountinued .
Reinventing such a successful product is a very tough job. But we've worked really hard at it .
And after a lot of reinvention, prototypes and feedback from our community of riders, we are glad to announce - The Triton X.
The next in the series of disruptions from RoadGods.
# Patents Pending (Appl.#284014)

Know more about:

1 year Warranty Easy Returns Secure Payments Shipped in 24-48 hours Cash on Delivery

The Triton X is not a regular saddle bag. It is a SaddlePack™ .
The Triton X has a Patent pending design which makes it not just a sturdy saddle bag for your bike, but the Triton X is also convertible into a unified Backpack which you can easily carry after you get down from your machine.
Moreover, It can be separated into twin sling bags which you can use for your short outings after you reach your destination. No need to carry smaller backpacks and rearranging all of your stuff.
Above all, don't hurt your back carrying regular saddle bags which are meant only for the motorcycle . The Triton X will be your aide throughout your trip.
And created out of Military grade construction and materials, Triton is NOT your regular backpack. Expect extreme toughness.
Triton is the largest saddle bag available in the market. The two bags in total have a huge space of 75 ltrs. which can accomodate everything you'd want to have for your road trip.
PS : Creating the largest saddle bag is not just about increasing size, it's about the engineering it takes for it to perform well .
# Patents Pending
    • Patent pending convertible design. (Appl.#284014)
    • Huge space upto 76 Ltrs. (2 X 33 Ltrs)
    • Gods signature Geometric Design
    • Triton is a 3-in-1. A Saddle bag , a unified backpack and twin sling bags.
      • Adjustable saddle bag for all shapes, sizes of motorycle seats.The Three strap mechanism allows a perfect fit on all sizes of seats, which makes Triton always a snug fit to your motorcycle, does not allow it to sag .
      • Easily unified into a single backpack for you to carry all of your stuff easily.
      • Easily detachable into twin sling bags for your outings . Don't need to rearrange your stuff all over again.
    • 1 year warranty
    • Tool and Utilities kit under the hood with elasticated ripples for holding tools, utilities, grooming products, chargers and cables neatly.
    • Compartment on inside for laptops and tablets.
    • One zippered pocket and One bottle holder and on each saddle bag.
    • Reflective Gods Crown™ on front and sides . For visibility in dark .
    • Reflective tape linings on front .
    • Hidden straps on top for attaching Tripods , sleeping bags etc.
    • Capsule Rain covers can be stored inside the side pocket.

Aerodynamics and Weight Distribution :

We have developed Triton over several iterations keeping in mind its dynamics and balance with the bike. Following is the Physics behind its unique design :

    • Aerodynamic swept up design which facilitates smooth air flow from front to rear.
    • Weight Distribution :
      • As saddle bag : The trapezoidal shape allows the major part of weight to remain concentrated towards the center of the motorcycle, near the rider, which enables better balance and handling.
      • As Backpack and Sling bag : The trapezoidal shape also ensures optimum weight distribution when the bag is used as a backpack and sling bag. In this case, the major weight of the backpack is not distributed away from waist so that its moment does not affect the spine.

Construction :

    • Highly rugged water repellant , water proof ballistic Nylon material.
    • Military Grade ruggedness : We also manufacture equipment for the Military. The materials and workmanship for Triton are also Military grade, which follows the standards used by the Military for its equipment.
    • Abrasion resistant pyramid sheet on bottom and back side of the bag for resistance against wear and tear from outdoor excursions.
    • Super-smooth zippers.
    • Military grade nylon webbings and fittings.
    • Embedded unbreakable fiber sheet, rubber sheet and quality foam padding sewn together for ruggedness and protection.
    • Bar-tacked and Double stitched for extra toughness.

Mounting :

Nylon strap and buckles are provided on both side bags for secure attachment to bike from back and footrest rail. Detailed User Book containing explanation with pictures and diagrams is provided along with the product.

Compatibility : Triton is compatible with all models of Royal Enfield and all other bikes in which the distance between the top surface of back seat and the topmost end of silencer is greater than or equal to 16 inches. This is necessary so that the bag does not get burnt by the heat produced by the silencer. Please make sure your bike qualifies this criteria .

For bikes which do not meet the above criteria please purchase Triton X2 which is a smaller, 50Lt version with same features.

Exteriors :
The bag is created from highly strong and durable 1000 Denier water resistant ballistic Nylon . Beneath the nylon is embedded an unbreakable fiber sheet , protective rubber sheet and quality foam padding sewn together which makes the bag retain its shape and imparts it the ruggedness and sturdiness for the adventures of your road trip.
The bag has stripes of high quality reflective tapes on front for high visibility in the dark. Also embossed on the front and sides is the reflective Gods Crown™ which makes your 'crowned' presence felt at all times.. even in the dark !
The saddle bags have a Patented unify and release mechanism by which the bags can be unified to each other easily by push-clicking only three buckles placed on top and sides. For using as a sling bag, the bags can be easily detached unlocking only three nylon straps .
This mechanism also allows the saddle bag to have a close fit on your bike/motorcycle even when your seat is of a non-standard size.
This mechanism allows you to unify and detach the bags once you are done riding your bike and thereonwards use it for the rest of your trip as a backpack or as two sling bags, using the comfortable padded straps, provided on each bag.

An Abrasion resistant pyramid sheet is present on bottom and back side of the bag for resistance against wear and tear from outdoor excursions. Conquer that rocky terrain now!
Traditional saddle bags in the market do not have any use, once they are off your bike. The Triton roams with you throughout your trip.
No need to carry extra backpacks and transfer your stuff to it. Just detach these and you're ready to go hiking !
  • Capsule rain covers :
Even though the material of the bag is water-resistant but we all know that water does sneak its way through the zippers and seams, when it rains heavily . And hence we have provided Capsule rain covers . On the sides of each bag is a pocket for the capsule raincover which will cover up the bag from all sides so that the water does not go through even when it pours heavily and you want to ride in the rain.
Interiors :
The top lid has a super-smooth zipper which keeps the dust out of the bag. With rubber sheets and foam padding each bag is very well padded on the inside which adds protection to your belongings. One of the bags has a side compartment which can fit all tablets or 14" laptops . The compartment is heavily padded and has fiber protection on the outside to protect your laptop during the trip. The compartment has a zippered opening so that the laptop is completely isolated from the rest of your stuff.
Under the hood of the other bag is an Tool and Utilities kit which allows you to neatly fit your tools and grooming products inside the elasticated ripples so that you never run out of tools during your adventure. You can also keep your mobile chargers and other cables in these elasticated ripples.


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