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Order Returns and Warranty claims

First of all, We’re sorry to know that you are facing an issue with the product.

Don’t worry, we are as much concerned to solve it.

Please follow the 3-step process given below for submitting your request for Order returns or Warranty claims.

Step 1.

Please create a RoadGods account on the website if you haven’t purchased from
In case you have an account please do not create new account, you can use “forgot password” to recover your account. 

Step 2.

You will need the following to submit return request

1 ) Defect pictures of the product : Please click photos of defect on the product. Photos should clearly show the defect. 

2 ) Product label: This can be found inside the product, please locate the label as shown in picture below. Flip the label, on the backside of the label an alphabet code is printed  (eg: A,B,C,D,K,R,P,U) as shown in the right picture. Please click a photo of this label with the CODE shown.

Wash Care Label

Locate the above label inside the product. Flip/turn it.
Manufacturer Code
After turning it will show the code, click photo of this side with alphabet code displayed. Note this code.

3 ) Invoice: You would also need to attach the Invoice/bill of the product. Users of  Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Myntra can download the invoice by visiting the websites and can easily download the invoice by clicking the download the invoice as pdf from account.

In case you have purchased the product offline from any dealer store attach the picture of the invoice which you have received from the dealer.

Step 3. 

Once you have all three photos above, please submit the returns form below and attach the photos as required above. You will receive a response soon on the return request.
If you are unable to access the Returns form widget below, please Click here to submit your ticket.

Once you are notified about your pickup please empty the product, wipe it clean and keep it ready for pickup.