About Us

Hello RoadGod,

First of all, thank you for your time to read about our story !

So here it goes :
Apoorv was an engineer with Adobe systems, an innovator at heart. His road trips revealed a ton of problems with the existing products.

He discovered that products are designed for the “usage”, not for the “user”. During his worldly experience, he felt that, as explorers, there is a lot which we miss, there are a ton of problems with the existing products which we face.
He then embarked on this journey to solve problems, create unique experiences for the users.

And as a result, he decided to bring that passion a level forward, named the phenomenon - ‘RoadGods’.
Ashish, had just graduated from IIM Indore. Left his job offers to be a RoadGod instead.

The duo has since led RoadGods to bring about disruption with its product innovations. The RoadGods hold multiple patents in India, Europe and USA for their innovations. And there's much more to come. Stay tuned.

RoadGods believes in 'incarnating' the almighty gear we have always felt the need of. And this is embedded in our vision which is :

"To create disruptive products, which solve problems, create unique experiences and bring user delight."

Stay connected with us on social media, join us on our mission to create this whole new experience that we have envisioned.

- Team RoadGods