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Akura Series

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Akura Bags

With a mystical blade sharper than anything on the planet, the Katana embodies the soul of a Samurai and his honour combined with impenetrable armour. It makes a Samurai almost invincible. Even whilst he wears the armour of steel, he treads so lightly, lurking in the shadows, invisible to the eyes of the enemies, slyly wiping them out even before anyone realizes what’s happening. 

Imagine a samurai in this age; a 21st-century samurai you can wear on your shoulder. One of the top travel backpacks in the market, the Akura protects you from any possible mishaps during your adventure. Acting as a silent protector, keeping all your valuables safe. 

Pack for your next adventure with the best travel backpack so that you don’t face any hassles along the way. Be carefree and just go with the flow because that’s precisely how road trips are undertaken. 

A Samurai-inspired Design

Inspired by the Katana of a Samurai, the Akura has a razor-sharp design and sharp well-defined edges that bewitch onlookers with its captivating looks. Because when on the road, you want something that matches the aura of your motorbike. 

Crafted with complete precision, this travel backpack retains its shape no matter how tough it gets. But that doesn’t mean it’s rigid. It is like bamboo that doesn’t break when the gust of wind is strong but bends and sways with the wind. In other words, its flexibility gives it an edge resulting in unmatched performance.


When you’re out on the road, you are vulnerable. But it doesn’t mean that you keep worrying about the safety of your valuables; that would take the fun out of your adventure. With an Akura backpack, there’s no need to worry for you’re in safe hands. This warrior’s greatest enemy is a thief and boy does he demolish them with ease, quashing their every move.  

Every thief’s nightmare, the Akura can’t be opened like a regular bag. It can only be accessed only from the rear. This revolutionary anti-theft design is like an impenetrable Samurai’s armour indeed designed to keep all your valuables safe whether you’re going on an escapade or taking your everyday commute.

As robust as an armour

Imagine you’re riding on country roads, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful houses. You’re having a gala time with a nice pleasant breeze blowing but suddenly it starts raining out of nowhere and you rush trying to find cover while trying to keep your bag from getting wet. Just how annoying would that be? With this waterproof travel backpack, even the heaviest of downpours won’t stop you from completing your journey. 

Fitted high quality imported YKK zippers add an extra layer of protection to your already very secure anti-theft backpack. Now, you might seldom feel under the weather on your road trip but this travel backpack is unmoved no matter how bad the weather is and always keeps you high-spirited.

Innovation like no other 

When you’re travelling, you naturally have items that you need on the go. For instance, the sun gets too bright and you need to pull out a pair of sunglasses. Now, imagine having to dig deep through all your stuff just to grab them. Not only is that a waste of time but also incredibly irritating. This travel backpack comes with a dedicated sunglass pocket to save you the trouble. 

It also features two quick-access pockets on the side for items that you may need on the go and slide-in strap pocket for your cards. In addition to this, it also features a compartment where you can securely store your laptop, mobile and tablet chargers. Speaking of laptops, the Akura is also capable of carrying a laptop of up to 15.6”.

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