XATOR Series

The Xator series brings out the bold and rebellious version within you. Carefully crafted to suit those who want to keep up their style quotient while always being on the move.

XATOR Series

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The Xator Series 

The legends and myths have it inscribed in the scriptures… 

Only the agile souls, carrying an indomitable spirit of a conqueror, have gone down in history as the ultimate shapers of destiny.

Commuting between work and life; these creatures always have a difficult dual life. Instead of words they always lead the troubled souls by their tough example. They keep switching the gears of life without much ado and love to take off on a flight mode from an international airport and land in the dense forest area of no signal at all. These are the beings, who keep challenging the conventions to provide the people near them a vision of a better life.

It is just by chance and talent that we have an eye for these precious beautiful souls. We do not have to go far in their search. Because we know, you are that shining superhero hiding behind the mask of schedules and the crowd of ‘normal’. We recognise you and enshrine your life by making endeavours to match your extreme capability with a fantabulous series of mens waterproof backpack. 

Yes, RoadGods presents a stellar series of best laptop backpack for men that gives an extraterrestrial glint to its already solid presence. Once you get to feel its make with your own bare hands, we know that you would agree with us – the DNA of this office backpack series does not belong to this earth.

The Killer Look & Feel

It’s like an intelligent extraterrestrial life itself crafted it out of never seen before materials to help out your massive will to conquer mountains.

RoadGods Xator waterproof backpack series comes with such unprecedented demeanour. Sporting a stylishly sharp look, its falcon front has leather blade protruding forward to give it an unearthly and luminous look. Best of all – this agile, tough and extremely capable bags possess the enviable ability to adapt and fuse with your lifestyle. 

The Making of a Legend

These resilient and innovative best backpacks for men are made from a durable and water-resistant material that make it apt for any weather condition. The bottom base of a Xator laptop backpack for men is built from abrasion-resistant material entitling you to brush it on all kinds of terrain without a second thought. Heavy-duty imported YKK zippers further ensure high durability performance of these bags.

Each of these mens backpacks for work uses RoadGods’ patented anti-theft design in its outer shell reinforced with unbreakable fibre; making them the best comrades for your everyday travel. The secure rear opening ensures that no unwanted hands get into the sacred recesses of these bags to touch and steal your valuables. And in case anything goes askew in your adventures, RoadGods gives you free theft insurance for product theft/loss cases.

The additional flex charge on our short circuit proof office bag for men recharges your phones and power banks 50-80% faster than any traditional backpack, even while you are busy attending to other priorities and goals. 

This highly functional yet stylish office bag is proudly a made-in-India product.

Segregation & Access

All our agile Xator backpacks for men come with a 4-points stretchable mechanism providing your laptop of up to 15.6” display a snug fit. The advanced organisers such as the quick access pockets help you clear the mind, reduce clutter and keep all your on-the-go stuff like wallets, keys, chargers etc handy. The impact-secure compartment is there to give full protection to your sunglasses.

Your Bag, Your Choice

These ultimately sexy mens shoulder bags come in five designs that make it pretty hard for you to come to any final choice. The two pitch-black numbers deliver you a bold and tough look. Rest three Spiderman, Captain Marvel and Captain America editions we crafted exclusively for the Marvel Avengers’ fans. Time to buy office bags online, don’t you think so!

A note for all the adventure seekers – all our RoadGods’ Xator college bags for men come with a 1-year warranty ensuring your complete peace of mind.