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We all have been warriors in this battle we are fighting together. We have to play by the rules here, but stay ferocious.
We have been inflicted with excruciating pain and misery in this most gruesome war fought in a century. We have all been through a nerve wracking test of our resilience. But the greatest glory is not in never falling, but to rise up every time we fall.
We are getting back up, and we will emerge victorious. History will remember the warriors of this generation.

So here’s to the resilience in all of us.

Your daring spirit is the sword in this war. Here’s the shield.
Introducing Xator combat series.

Don’t put your guard down. Let’s win this together.

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Xator Combat Face Protector Mask (Light Blue) - RoadGods
Xator Combat Face Protector Mask - X4
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