The Squadron (Glossy Blue) Motorcycle Open Face Helmet with Twin Visors | RoadGods - RoadGods
The Squadron (Glossy Blue) Motorcycle Open Face Helmet with Twin Visors | RoadGods - RoadGods
The Squadron (Glossy Blue) Motorcycle Open Face Helmet with Twin Visors | RoadGods - RoadGods
The Squadron (Glossy Blue) Motorcycle Open Face Helmet with Twin Visors | RoadGods - RoadGods

The Squadron (Glossy Blue) Motorcycle Open Face Helmet with Twin Visors | RoadGods

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Squadron Motorcycle Helmets

Almost every kid, once in their life puts on their dad's motorcycle helmet and pretends to be a fighter pilot soaring through the skies.

Sometimes we still do it, when riding our bikes.

Now, it is time to owe your own Squadron.

Introducing the new line of Motorcycle helmets, The Squadron by Gods. Inspired by the helmet designed for combat aircrafts,

The Squadron emulates every curve and bend of the original jet helmets. The Squadron helmet sports twin visor (clear and tinted) for the rider to use during day, or night missions. The visors are made of true injected polycarbonate with silicon hard coated that proffers resistance against scratches. Fitted with anti-allergic and moisture wicking inner padding, the Squadron keeps your head cool and calm during your flight.

Its aerodynamic design complemented by classic chinstrap mechanism makes for a smooth and comfortable design for the rider.

Rides you will never want to end.

Features : 

    • Fighter pilot Design for the ‘airborne’ riders.
    • Outer Shell injected from special high impact grade of Fiberglass shell .
    • Twin Visors with option of Clear and tinted glass.
    • Optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance properties.
    • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti allergic velveteen.
    • Classic release chinstrap mechanism for ease of operation & safety.
    • Ventilated interior design for increased air flow providing more comfort to the rider .
    • Available in various Color options.
    • High quality U.V. resistant Polyurethane paints with matt finish used for aesthetic enhancement.
    • Fully Lined Custom Formed Interior.
    • Moisture Wicking Fabric To Keep Your Head Cooler And More Comfortable.

Helmet Measurement Guide :

RoadGods - Helmet Measurement Guide

Steps :

  • Get a flexible tape measure (please do NOT use metal tape measure as they aren’t much flexible) 
  • If you do not have a flexible tape measure you can use a string or a strip of cloth, paper or even a plain tape.
  • Wrap it around the head to measure the circumference of the widest part of head as shown in figure by Yellow line. This shall be usually 1 inch above the eyebrows and ears.
  • Please try to get the largest measurement possible.
  • Get the measurement from the tape measure in centimeters . If you were using something else such as string, then measure the length of it using a centimeter scale/ruler.
  • Round-off your reading to the next whole number in centimeters. For eg- if your reading is 56.4 cm, then rounding it to next whole number will be 57 cm.
  • Match your reading with the Size options mentioned in the drop-down on Product page. 
  • Choose the size which matches the reading and click “Buy this now” to proceed on the order.

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