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    Batclaw – 3 in 1 Claw Bag, Tail Bag and Duffle bag

Bike Saddle Bags

From a distance, the mountain trails always seem tough and unrelenting. To the normal eyes, not to the biking souls! 

These valiant spirits live their life on wheels, keep putting an abrupt brake on the monotony of life and are ever-ready to head towards the challenges of the road with full throttle. The jagged rocky terrains and inhospitable settings hold a strange appeal to these gentlemen. Their stubbornness and thirst for new quests know no boundaries. Their favourite sport you ask? Taming the most feral of the roads, not by modifying them but by never giving in to the difficulties they present. 

These people do not believe in the easy way out. And to help them properly on their quests, even we do not keep any faith in easy solutions. That’s why, after facing our share of hordes of hardships, we invented the perfect pillion passenger for their legendary escapades –  the RoadGods Triton X Saddle Bags for bike India.

Nothing like your regular saddle bag 

Created out of Military-grade materials and construction, a Triton X should not be mistaken for a mere motorcycle saddle bag. It would be seen as a plain insult not just to the hardships that went into making it but also the entire biking community. It should be seen as a SaddlePack™. 

Its 75 litres version is the largest you will find in the entire market. This immense size comes with its own physics and engineering genius, ensuring high-level performance. Not all bike side bags hold the capability of even lingering near it when compared on the benchmarks of make and features. 

Undoubtedly, a Triton X saddle bag’s patent-pending sturdy design dominates all its counterparts with a super convertible design unified into a single easy-to-carry backpack and a twin sling bag. Both being apt for short treks and outings as they take full care of the user’s back. 

Drawing a conclusion, its easy to see that Gods Saddle Bag is an aide to every rider’s adrenaline rush.

Accelerating towards its Aerodynamics

The beautiful design of this heavy-duty bike saddle bag is not a result of a single experiment but endless scientific iterations made over time. These were made on basis of the tests RoadGods conducted, pitching Triton X bags against the various Indian terrains, riding conditions and weather patterns. In each of these tests, the primary focus was on the goal of designing a bag competent enough to remain balanced while not surrendering to the immense weight it was required to hold. At that time, the company aimed for such an aerodynamic swept-up design that facilitated smooth airflow during a ride. 

Successfully, we ended up with an innovative trapezoidal shape of this Royal Enfield saddle bag that forces the major part of its weight to a motorcycle’s centre point for giving the rider a greater sense of balance and handling. Not only this, the backpack and sling bag version of this trapezoidal bag distributes the weight expertly away from the waist making sure that the long treks do not affect the spine of the person carrying it.

Military-grade ruggedness

RoadGods manufactured these SaddlePacks™ with highly strong and durable 1000 Denier water-resistant ballistic Nylon material, giving the Indian bikers a product that comes with proper military-grade sturdiness. The abrasion-resistant pyramid sheet on the base and backside gives it proper wear and tear resistance from outdoor excursions. 

This bag’s dedication towards making a biker’s journey an exhilarating experience becomes further evident with the features of its super smooth zippers, military-grade nylon webbings and fittings, bar-tacking, double-stitching, and embedded unbreakable fibre sheet, rubber sheet and quality foam padding.

Premier design add ons

Its tool and utility kit, placed under the hood with elasticated ripples, holds your necessary gears, grooming products and cables neatly. A separate compartment keeps your laptops and tablets safe. One zippered pocket and one bottle holder on each side keep necessary things always within easy access. There is also a hidden strap on the top for attaching Tripods, sleeping bags etc. 

Your bag for your next adventure

Both Triton X waterproof saddle bags for bike come with a stylish reflective Gods Crown™ and a reflective tape lining. The two sizes available in it are 50 litres and 75 litres.

The 50 litres bag is compatible for the bikes sporting a distance less than 16 inches between the top surface of the back seat and the topmost end of the silencer. For anything greater than that (and Royal Enfield models), the Triotin X1 Saddlebag with a capacity of 75 litres is a better choice. These considerations make sure that this bag full of valuables like camera, extra layers of clothing, trekking & mountaineering gear does not burn out by the heat of the silencer. 

Buy saddlebags online now and get a one-year guarantee and free Gods Sipper bottle with it.

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