RUDRA series

The Rudra Series

The Mightiest of the Mighty

Be the Superhuman you are!

RUDRA series

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Showing all 2 results

The Rudra Series 

Roar, let there be a storm and hunt down your fears. 

After all, you are on this earth to embrace your true mighty self. Not to pay bills and worry about petty issues till the end of your time. You are a whole universe filled in this indomitable human form. Recognize yourself and conquer new trails. And in this worthy pursuit, everything you require would be made accessible by your companion and the indispensable appendage in this journey. 

The inanimate incarnation of the deity of the furor itself – the Rudra backpack online series.

Rise of  Rudra

Conventions were bent to a threatening breaking point when the idea of this “mightiest of the mighty” Rudra backpack was given its enviable shape. It shows in the final result. Carrying the strength of the three-layered Gods™ tough construction, these small backpacks for men are not afraid to bare their superhuman design to the ordinary eyes of onlookers and arouse awe. 

The sturdy hardshell front panel helps it retain its shape even when completely empty. While the light complements it, the darkness loves it more and makes its undisputable presence felt even in a moonless night owing to its Reflective Gods™ branding. Buy backpacks online for your next daring adventure now.

What makes it mighty

Travellers love the ability of this leather messenger bag to repel water with its ballistic 1200D polyester fabric and resist any kind of abrasion with a solid base of dotted polyurethane. Whether on the surface of a metro or the backseat of your bike ride, a backpack of this proud series stands tall and compliments your free-spirited lifestyle choices even amidst the chaos of the world.

A force to your aid

To us, the mighty never meant high and hard to handle. The Rudra series backpacks for men morph according to your ease and exist merely for the fulfilment of your purpose. Ferocious on the outside but mellow and manageable on the inside, a Rudra leather laptop bag opens up like a mask and reveals its insides of spacious separate organizers for your tablet, hard drives, laptop charger, pens, phones, cables and sunglasses. A dedicated snug-fit laptop compartment, compatible with up to 15.6” laptop or 16” Macbook, further enhances its segregation capabilities. You will also find one large elasticated organizing pocket inside that holds the capability to store just about anything.

Definitely a life support system for individuals who like their life, schedules, plans and things to be properly organised. Because these icons face surprises of life anyway with their undaunted guts on a daily basis.

Backing you up every step

Notwithstanding the load it carries within, you would never have it leaving the entire burden of things on your back. The ergonomic design, best quality hardware, super smooth zippers and comfortable wide shoulder straps of this mens leather backpack leave you energized enough to cover more milestones even at the end of the day, every day. Soft cushioning on the back only enhances ease during tough treks and trails. And for your hydration needs, this innovative backpack carries two water bottles holder pockets strategically placed on both sides within your easy reach. 

Hope we have put an end to your task of backpack online shopping, oh seekers.  

Guaranteed High-Performance Daily

Easy to use and carry, these Rudra leather laptop bags for men come with a 1-year warranty and full support of RoadGods team. Thus, ensuring complete peace of mind and discovery of new roads for the possessors of this powerful gear.

The series also includes a Marvel Avengers’ range with Black Panther, Iron Man and Spiderman editions of this mightier than the mightiest gear. One can use it for both purposes of trips and daily commutes. If always on the road, it is recommended to purchase this office backpack for men along with the RoadGods’ uni-layer and ultra-light rain cover. The seamless construction of this addition provides your belongings 100% protection against rains.

Time for you to buy leather bags online now.

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