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One of life’s most enthralling experiences, riding a motorcycle gives you a feeling of pure euphoria, complete calmness, fear – sometimes all combined. The adrenaline rush that you get when you pull on the throttle and your machine unleashes its raw power, lifting off the ground almost as if it were flying, an intense gush of wind blowing across your face and everything feels like it’s moving backwards. It’s a pleasure like no other.

When you ride your motorcycle you can literally smell everything, good and bad, the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of wet soil, the fragrance of flowers and pollution in the air and when you lean so close to the ground for a curve it feels like a gravity-defying act. Now, although riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, it can also be an equally dangerous one. One needs to be on the constant lookout for potholes, puddles and vehicles speeding by and if it’s a windy day out there, you will be swaying to the rhythm of the wind.


But life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to ride in the storm. For such tough times, you need something tougher, something rugged that can literally withstand anything. Anyone who goes on tours and expeditions knows the importance of good motorcycle gear

Sturdiness and ruggedness redefined with SaddlepackTM 

You can’t possibly imagine going on a road trip on your motorcycle without a saddle bag and a tank bag. Now, the problem with traditional saddle bags is that they either don’t stay well fastened or can be really cumbersome to mount and demount requiring you to strap them multiple times. Also, they can hurt your back when you carry them as they are seldom designed to be used as carry bags too.  

Not your regular Saddlebag, the Triton X is a SaddlepackTM.  Its patent-pending ergonomic design takes sturdiness and compactness design to the next level. Crafted out of military-grade materials, the Triton X is designed to meet the standards followed by the military. In fact, its predecessor the Trition S was actually acquired by Royal Enfield. So if you’re especially looking for waterproof saddlebag for Royal Enfield, this is your best bet. Completely abrasion-resistant, it also comes with a capsule rain cover so that your valuables stay protected even when it’s pouring making it a completely waterproof saddle bag for bike.

3-in-1 convertible design

An aerodynamic swept-up design streamlines the airflow, minimizing drag so that you simply glide through the air. Moreover, the Triton is a 3-in-1. A saddle bag, a unified backpack and twin sling bags. You won’t ever have to rearrange your stuff as it gets easily converted into sling bags for the ease of carrying once you reach your destination. When you wear this waterproof saddle bag for motorcycle as a unified backpack, the trapezoid design makes sure that the bag doesn’t hurt your back even with its huge 75 L capacity.

Hassle-free tank bags

Tourers and even commuters often need something to store essential items such as extra layers of clothing, wallet, food, mobile phone, etc. without having to dig through deep pockets. This is precisely where tank bags come into the picture. A lifesaver for tourers, tank bags are an integral part of any expedition or escapade. 

A revolutionary 3 Buckle attachment mechanism keeps the bag securely fastened and attaches in a record 2 seconds. The Zeon comes in 2 variants – Strap-based and magnetic bike tank bags but what’s common between the two is that they both sit rock-solid on the tank.

Made extremely tough Nylon Fabric With Water Repellent Pu Coating, and to top that these waterproof tank bags come with an included capsule weather-proof rain-cover making them immune to the harshest weather conditions. Moreover, you can ride carefree even at night, on the darkest of roads like a king thanks to the large reflective CrownTM  that makes your presence felt no matter where you go. 

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