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Bike Tank Bags

What is life but a bike ride; a full-blown journey with its own set of ups and downs???

Curves, steeps, bumps, speed breakers, unexpected halts and the weather conditions. All placed between several milestones. But each of these hurdles only beautifying the several aspects of this journey, gifting you an endless stock of adventurous and self-exploratory stories. That’s life – with its own moments of serenity, breathtaking views, and at times even smooth trails. 

Such a thorough and tough journey calls for proper preparation before setting out on the road. And to help you with it, RoadGods brings you a series of motorcycle tank bag models that promise to be there for you whenever you need them. 

It commits to your journey, guaranteeing that it will never let you down and keep you ready for each and every surprise life throws at you.

How this tank bag is an improvement to the existing ones?

Majority of the tank bag India market sells a piece of luggage that is either too hectic to handle or plain harmful for your electronic devices. Many-a-times, they pose danger even to you. All these bags come with powerful magnets that adversely affect the electronic devices placed within them inadvertently draining their battery and heating them up. Over prolonged exposure, these devices also face the possibility of permanent damage. 

Aside from this bothersome fact, when this magnetic tank bag India is filled up and mounted atop your ride, it keeps sliding sideways. This problem generally occurs due to its outer fibre material and ends up diverting your attention. We do not exaggerate when we say that this puts you in the direct line of danger while riding. 

Even the strap-based tank bag for Royal Enfield is not all that reliable with a tedious and complicated attachment process. This kind of strapping and unstrapping is an unnecessarily long task that no person should ever undertake.

That’s why the RoadGods Zeon.

A revolution in Motorcycle Tank Gear

The RoadGods’ Zeon tank bag collection is built for expeditions yet designed for everyday usage. It is tough but not mindless about your goals and the love for a bumpy ride.  

This entire collection of 3 bike tank bag models comes with a front face opening and can be converted to either a backpack or a sling with help of the supplementary straps, all depending on your will and wish. The smooth and durable material on their base makes sure that they do not scratch the tank of your lovely bike while giving you the facility of secure and hassle-free mounting. Filling up a bike’s petrol tank is also super easy with them.

Keeping the safety aspect in mind, we positioned the nickel-coated neodymium magnet in our magnetic tank bags in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the electronic devices placed inside and the bag stays firmly on its position during a fast ride.

Moving ahead with the advantages of having Zeon Tank Bag by your side…

The water repellent and resistant fabric of Gods tank bag along with a capsule rain cover makes sure that you enjoy your ride even in the rain without giving a single thought to the safety to your valuables. Whereas the clear touch-sensitive smartphone pocket in the front gives you clear access to your phone to check navigation and even listen to music while striding through the unexplored terrains. This ergonomically-designed smartphone pocket on the magnetic tank bag for Royal Enfield is completely compatible with the screens of up to 6.8 x 3.48 inches, giving you complete peace of mind while handling earphones and charging cable expertly.

Additionally, the large interior of our waterproof tank bag, all equipped with the extra pockets, helps you in organising your essentials best way possible. Large zippered pockets on both sides give easy access to keys, wallets, cables etc.

Reflecting your shine

This agile and fantastic bullet tank bag has beautiful reflective lining accentuating its edges to increase your visibility on the road. Whereas the large reflective RoadGods Crown™ positioned strategically on the sides makes your ‘crowned’ presence felt even in pitch darkness.

Your bag. Your choice.

Under the exalted Zeon series, you get to choose from the three editions of our black beautiful designs of the magnetic bag for bike – Gods Zeon R1 Motorcycle Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover, Gods Zeon R2 Motorcycle Magnetic Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover and Gods Zeon R1 Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag with Capsule Rain Cover.

All three come with a sturdy make, a 3-buckle mechanism/1-buckle mechanism and an appealing free Gods sipper. Plus, all of them have been rigorously tested against rough Indian riding conditions. Thus, we proudly claim it to be the ultimate tank bag for the modern and adventure-seeking Indian riders.