Taur – 4 in 1 Magnetic riding Tank bag, thigh bag, waist bag and Messenger sling bag



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Taur - 4 in 1 riding thigh bag, waist bag, sling bag and tank pouch - RoadGods
Taur - 4 in 1 Magnetic riding Tank bag, thigh bag, waist bag and Messenger sling bag 2300 1835

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Taur Banner

Introducing, the Taur

The Taur is a revolution in compact carrying solution.
Inspired by the Bull, not just by its aesthetic looks but also by its sheer ruggedness. It’s not just built solid, but it is so versatile for everyday commute that you’ll be astounded!

Above all, It’s a GODS product. Expect a Trailblazer.


Taur Walk-through video

Taur - 4 In 1 Magnetic Riding Tank Bag, Thigh Bag, Waist Bag And Messenger Sling Bag ⋆ Modular Strap


We know you lose straps. Don’t worry, we got it covered. Easy stow-away strap mechanism for discreet and convenient storage. Straps just disappear inside and magically appear when you need them.

Taur - 4 In 1 Magnetic Riding Tank Bag, Thigh Bag, Waist Bag And Messenger Sling Bag ⋆ Water Repelant


Yeah, yeah we know rain doesn’t stop you.
Taur is made from durable water-resistant material capable of keeping your phone and wallet protected from the elements during your adventure.
Just don’t take it for a swim. It’s a Taur, not a damn fish.

Taur - 4 In 1 Magnetic Riding Tank Bag, Thigh Bag, Waist Bag And Messenger Sling Bag ⋆ Taur Zipper


GODS don’t use wussy zippers.
Quality of Zippers is very important for any carrying solution. They are the ones you’d need to perform every single day. And we don’t want our community to look like that wuss struggling with the zipper!

Taur - 4 In 1 Magnetic Riding Tank Bag, Thigh Bag, Waist Bag And Messenger Sling Bag ⋆ Neodymium Magnet


Yeah, don’t expect those feeble black fridge magnets you get with those other products.
GODS use shiny-chrome and damn super-strong Neodymium Magnets, which are one of the world’s strongest and most powerful rare earth magnets.

Taur - 4 In 1 Magnetic Riding Tank Bag, Thigh Bag, Waist Bag And Messenger Sling Bag ⋆ Flatlay


A perfect companion for your travel and everyday escapades.

Additional information

Weight 320.0 kg



About the brand :

GODS is the Gear of Daring Spirit

GODS celebrates your 'daring spirit', the one that's keeping up your fight in pursuit of your dreams. Come-what-may.

GODS - The Brand Anthem

Of the Challengers who have no regard for the stereotypes,

Of the Challenged who just won’t bow down,

Of the Fighters who are putting up a gut-wrenching fight for their dreams,

Of the Underdogs who will take over, unannounced,

Of the Go-getters who don’t value obstacles,

Of the Visionaries who will take the world forward,



- in words of Apoorv, Founder GODS

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