The Pros And Cons Of Tank Bags ⋆ Motorcycle Tank Bags

The Pros and Cons of Tank Bags

A long, safe, and comfortable road trip is equipped with the right gears and equipment. A rider must have a fantastic riding experience and the best protection, safety and comfort during the journey. There are various gears and accessories that enhance the overall journey experience of motorcycle riders by providing the needed protection, style and functionality. Each accessory and gear should have unmatched style, elegant design and robust features. 

But let’s talk about tank bags in particular here. This is one popular item among motorcyclists which is a practical and stylish option to store essentials while on the go. A tank bag gives you essential space to keep things like a wallet, mobile, cash, documents, etc. with worrying. Tank bags are known for their high durability, compact design, and stylish finish. They offer a convenient way to store and transport items of various sizes. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons before investing in one. 


  • Easy to Carry Around: 

Imagine you’re on a long-distance trip, and you need to keep certain essentials handy like phone, wallet, cash or documents during the journey. With the help of these tank bags, you will be able to access these items with ease and least hassle whenever you require them. You will not overload your backpack and strain your shoulders, and won’t even stop now and then  to unpack your saddlebags every time you need something. RoadGods tank bags come with timeless designs and elegant finish, apt for bikers looking for style and performance at the same time.

  • Carry More Stuff: 

Tank bags aren’t just for carrying more gear. They are meant to carry specific requisites that you might access often during the ride. Few examples of those could be passport, phones, waterproofs, spare gloves, camera, money, etc. You can enjoy the ride without worrying about your luggage shifting or falling off and access everything you need whenever needed without sacrificing comfort or safety.

  • Versatile: 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a daily commuter, or a touring enthusiast, tank bags will meet all your needs. You can choose from various shapes, sizes, and materials depending on your riding style and preferences. Some tank bags even come with built-in USB mounts, hydration systems, or charging ports, so you can customize your setup to suit your needs. Choose among different tank bags depending on your trip and your mood and enjoy their flexibility and convenience.

  • Accessible: 

As they ease the accessibility of various items for the rider, they are a perfect choice for bike enthusiasts while riding or going for long journeys. You can get the best of tank bags with RoadGods and enjoy the complete experience of your ride. We have crafted the best tank bags keeping in mind the requisites of the buyers. The intricate detailing of our bags make them a perfect go-to choice for all motorcycle riders.  

  • Affordable: 

Tank bags are generally more affordable than other options like saddlebags or laptop backpacks, and they offer great value for their price. Choosing RoadGods tank bags will not only be a budget friendly option but will also give you peace of mind for investing smartly.


There are always some limitations in every purchase. Same goes for tanks bags also. These drawbacks should not dissuade you from considering this convenient and versatile option.

  • Their limited space can make it challenging to fit all your necessary items into a single bag and can lead to discomfort if the bag is too heavy or bulky.
  • Additionally, tank bags can affect the weight distribution and balance while riding the bike, which can be especially noticeable on long rides or if the bag is particularly large or heavy.
  • Some tank bags are not waterproof, making them vulnerable to leaks during rainy weather or other wet conditions. This can damage the items inside and create a hassle for the rider.


Motorcycle Tank Bagsare an essential accessory for many riders, offering storage and easy access to items on the go.. Some of the best motorcycle tank bags are:

RoadGods Small Magnetic Tank Bag:

  • The bag has four strong magnets that keep it securely attached to the fuel tank.
  • The compact size and 3-litre capacity make it ideal for carrying essential items such as wallet, phone, and keys.
  • Multiple pockets and compartments, including a clear window for phone or GPS use without removing it.

GODS Zeon R1 Tank Bag:

  • 16-litre capacity
  • Waterproof and dustproof materials
  • 3D design reduces wind resistance and drag
  • Magnetic attachment system with six strong magnets
  • Touchscreen-compatible pocket
  • Reflective strips for added visibility and safety

Royal Enfield Saddle Bags:

  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying.
  • Offers a combined storage capacity of 26 litres (13 litres per bag).
  • They are designed for Royal Enfield motorcycles, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Includes a rain cover to protect your belongings during wet conditions.
  • It can be installed and removed without the need for any more hardware.

Bullet Tank Bag:

  • Made from high-quality, water-resistant fabric.
  • Features a clear touchscreen window for easy access to your phone.
  • Offers a storage capacity of 12 litres, with extra external pockets for small items.
  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap and adjustable straps for easy attachment to your motorcycle.
  • They are designed to fit most motorcycles with metal fuel tanks.
  • Includes a rain cover to protect your belongings from the elements.

KTM Saddle Bags:

  • It is made from high-quality, durable material to withstand rugged riding conditions.
  • Offers a total storage capacity of 14 litres (7 litres per bag).
  • Includes a waterproof inner lining to protect your belongings from water damage.
  • It can be attached and removed using quick-release buckles.
  • They are designed to fit most KTM motorcycles.
  • Includes reflective piping for added visibility during nighttime riding.

All the options are versatile, functional and stylish and provide riders with convenient storage solutions for their essential items. The specific features of each option are designed to meet the needs of different types of riders and motorcycles and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.


Tank bags provide easy access to various essential items while riding. They also help distribute the motorcycle’s weight, enhancing balance and stability.

You can use magnetic or strap attachments to secure it to your motorcycle’s fuel tank. Some tank bags may must more mounting hardware.

While tank bags are designed with care, prolonged or improper use will damage the finish of your fuel tank.

Follow the manual instructions & inspect the bag for any signs of wear to avoid it.

One disadvantage of using a tank bag is that it may obstruct the view of the motorcycle’s instruments. It makes it challenging to read gauges or see warning lights.

Two, tank bags can affect fuel efficiency at higher speeds.

Many tank bags come with anti-theft features but are only theft-proof. Thieves may still attempt to steal items from a tank bag or the entire bag itself.

Removing valuable items from the tank bag when leaving the motorcycle is essential. Take appropriate security measures to prevent theft.

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